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by Speed of Sound

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Big Bang 01:56
Mercury 03:05
Venus 02:33
Earth 04:58
Mars 03:45
Jupiter 04:48
Saturn 03:54
Titan 05:15
Uranus 01:35
Neptune 04:37
Pluto 01:56
Black Hole 00:59


Navagraha is a music album composed and performed in roughly 24 hours, with final mixing done in the following days. "Navagraha" is a Sanskrit word that refers to the solar system within Hindu astrology. This album's tracks are based around several celestial bodies in our solar system, as well as other astronomical phenomena.


released January 13, 2013

Speed of Sound presents Navagraha (Nov. 10~11, 2012)
Recorded, edited, and mixed by Robert Kirby.
Mastered by The Creative Shop Mastering Studio.
Ambassadors of the Mix: Cameron McLaughlin, Kaleb Grace, Subramanya Ananda

1. Big Bang: Beatbox by Brett Landry
2. Mercury: Subramanya Ananda, Richard Ash, Brett Landry, Cameron McLaughlin
3. Venus: Vocals by Joslyn Morris, Sax by Brett Landry, Rhythm Guitar by Subramanya Ananda, Lead Guitar by Richard Ash, Bass Guitar by Mitch Brown, Drums by Cameron McLaughlin
4. Earth: The Black Hole Band
5. Mars: Kaleb Grace (Guitar by Subramanya Ananda, Additional Drums by Cameron McLaughlin)
6. Asteroid Belt: Robert Kirby, Cameron McLaughlin, Mitch Brown, Subramanya Ananda
7. Jupiter: Subramanya Ananda, Cameron McLaughlin, Richard Ash
8. Saturn: Skelly Skel
9. Titan*: Marc Rivas & Jordan Stewart (Vox by Mitch Brown, Brett Landry, Joslyn Morris)
10. Uranus: Piano by Daniel Reyna, Noise by Robert Kirby
11. Neptune: The Black Hole Band
12. Pluto: Daniel Reyna
13. Black Hole: Robert Kirby, The Black Hole Band
*Mixed by Marc Rivas & Jordan Stewart. Alternate Title: “Critical Error”

The Black Hole Band:
Subramanya Ananda, Cameron McLaughlin, Robert Kirby, Richard Ash, Brett Landry, Joslyn Morris, Mitch Brown, Mitchell Lincoln

Album Art: Won Ho Kim (Additional Art / Layout by Kaleb Grace)
Back Photo: NASA
Special Thanks: Cogswell College, Tony Dias, Will Reichenthal, Evan Peebles, David Manley, Julius Dobos, Dr. Timothy W. Duncan

Catalog Number: SOS-001


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Speed of Sound Sunnyvale, California

Speed of Sound is a group of artists that share the goal of jamming out music super quick while fitting into an overall theme as well as saving time for reflection and quality production.

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